Sunset Hibiscus

This is our second season offering this beautiful flower seed, Abelmoschus manihot or Sunset Hibiscus. It's unusual color reminds me nothing of a sunset; if they'd asked me I would of chosen something more like, Lemon Kiss or Bumblebee Tears. It does resemble Okra, and is a cousin!

According to the Monticello Website,
"Sunset Hibiscus was introduced into Europe from East India by 1712 and listed by Philadelphia nurseryman Bernard McMahon in his 1806 American Gardener's Calendar."

They also sell the seed, which includes a two star review that the seeds did not germinate. So, I'll give you the secret...when you're ready to give will germinate. I find all hibiscus difficult to germinate, until it does and then in the right spots, it can become darn, right invasive. Regardless, keep seed moist continually. Currently I place them in a lidded clamshell and keep closed until something has germinated. This can take eight weeks; again, I've tossed other hibiscus seed into repotted plants and in a month or two I have a surprise. Meet your new buddhist teacher in patience!

I've also read, but not tried, that the leaves are edible...some people stir fry them. I just enjoy the contrasting color in the garden, and of course, they attract both caterpillars and many pollinators. If you are up for a challenge with the reward of a beautiful new plant, come snag a pack from our Etsy shop. Each purchase goes back into our garden and Monarch Waystation!