The New Normal: Homeschool at Happinest

Not that I'd ever expected or wanted to experience a pandemic in my lifetime, but staying home in Spring could be worse.  Everyday, we thank our lucky stars for our home and land, pleasant weather and yes, butterflies!  Now that school has moved to home, we do plenty of "regular" stuff, but I figured I'd use what I have to my own benefit...our garden!
Today, we raised 4 Spring Monarchs.  We studied each phase, or instar, and recorded (drew) what we saw.  We also are rearing a Giant Swallowtail, Variegated Fritillary, and a variety of wooly bear moths.

I'll keep you posted on our progress, but I also wanted to share some opportunities and resources for your own homeschool!
>>Back to the Roots is sending out hundreds of their seed kits to homeschoolers during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Follow the link to request to be selected.
>>Charley Harper Nature Inspired Word Search and Scavenger Hunt!  These were sent to me by a friend and are available at the Crate and Barrel link.
>>Printable Critter Coloring Pages from artist, Laurel Mundy.  Perfect for an older student, find it here, Laurel's work amazes me.  Follow her also on instagram: tinyhousebigwoods
>>Rainbow Yoga with Adriene.  One thing that surprised me when I took over teaching my kids, is their lack of knowledge of movement.  I was never a fan of P.E., but neither of my kids knew what a jumping jack was or how to do it!  We've been incorporating yoga into our days, including this video.

I hope these ideas help and inspire you to make each day special for you and your children!