New Series: Start Where You Are...

Do you remember the first thing you grew?  Your first plant??  I really can't either.  But I can imagine, what it might be like, a lemming staring at the end of a cliff.  I thought all of this as I stood in the Target Dollar Spot looking at their selection of $1 seeds around Valentine's Day
I wondered...would they even grow?  I argued...they're just a dollar!  So, what would happen if you had no gardening experience and this was the first tug towards the slippery slope of a plant led life?  I bought the seeds.

Upon opening the boxes, I was impressed that each seed was fully labeled and now "Googlable."  I also, researched Buzzy seeds and they have a nice, informative Insta account.  So, for a selection of "Rosa Chinensis" came with about 3 seeds and the Alpine Strawberry gave me a tiny bit more.  A pot and potting medium was included with each, but this is where I went rogue.  I make my own seed starting mix and everyone gets a start under a plant light.  I know, not the true novice approach...but I love my plants!

Low and behold!  They germinated!  My rose seed produced one plant and everyday it becomes more rose recognizable.  The alpine strawberry seed now number 3.  What began as just an errand at Target and a whim, actually became something real.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to plant that seed of curiosity and Start Where You Are!

Grow the good,