Is Your Pollinator Garden Working?

Sometimes, after the excitement of creating a new pollinator garden, there is a lull...where is everyone!  Here's a checklist to make sure you are going in the right direction, even if bees and butterflies seem scarce.
Predators; you may notice lizards, robber flies, and lizards...perhaps even spider webs in the early morning hours.  Good news, these guys think your garden has the potential for good eats!

Seeds & Fruit; if you begin finding seed heads or fruit, depending on the plant.  It's a really good indication you've been pollinated!  Remember there are more than twice the number of moths species than day flying butterflies.  You may want to even consider adding some night bloomers, like moonflowers...and make an evening out of moth hunting!

Chewed Leaves & Frass; caterpillars are not the only thing that will eat your plants (it's what we prefer, but hello...slugs!)  Look for frass around your chewed leaves...that's polite speak for caterpillar poo.  You may even find a few leaves curled or clumped together with webbing...take a peek!  Likely a little caterpillar hammock to rest in after eating and pooping, I mean frassing!

Give it time, always plan and revise and one day...usually a hot and sunny one, your garden will fill with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds!
All a flutter,