Baby Blues

It's nesting season at Happinest!  We've already had 6 Carolina Chickadees fledge (boy, are they loud throughout the yard!)  And now we are awaiting our blue birds...
All 5 have hatched and the parents are doing a tremendous job keeping this crew fed!  They tolerate my family, as they picked a box right in the backyard...where we garden, play on the swingset, and let the dogs out for a wee.  I actually think they appreciate the safety our noisy closeness provides.

AND...I've got another seed selection available!  Beautiful White Hyacinth Bean.  This is the host plant for the Long Tailed Skipper and a Hummingbird magnet too.  I have a very limited quantity available in my Etsy shop; remember every sale supports our Monarch Waystation and provides more host food for our butterflies and in turn our wild birds.
Thanks for helping us grow!