Seed Sale: Sunset Hibiscus

Here's the first of my rare seeds I'm offering this season; the incomparable Sunset Hibiscus, or Abelmoschus Manihot.  It's actually a lot closer to the Okra plant than hibiscus and has a beautiful lemon citron bloom with burgundy eye.  These seed sales will benefit my Monarch Waystation #15386.  Last year I used the proceeds to purchase tags for monarchs, which yea!  I accomplished with your help.  This year is more challenging.  We moved our store after Christmas, and though, I had made arrangements with the new tenant to allow me time to move our butterfly plants...she hired a grounds crew and they dismantled a couple years work and investment in about 30 minutes! 
The new shop has pretty, but very generic, landscaping.  Nothing blooms, nothing is a host plant.  I'm wintering a lot of back up plants in my greenhouse but as soon as it warms, I know I'll need to purchase many new plants!  One plant I will include is the Sunset Hibiscus, as I have some starts from our seed already.
I don't believe it to be a host plant, but the flowers are very attractive to bees and it will bloom late Spring to Frost.  It is considered an heirloom plant and edible (though I haven't tried it!)  Zones 8b-11; everywhere else use as an annual, or baby it in a pot.

You can find it in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for your support!