Winging it on Wednesday...

The garden is heating up and getting busy.  Here's what I've noted in the last couple weeks coming to visit the farm.  We've had some easy to miss small butterflies...
gray hairstreak
horace's duskywing
pearl crescent
grass skipper - not certain of exact one

And a few large butterflies; red spotted purples and viceroys are having a major moment in the area.  I never see this many!  All insects go through "bumper crops", as I call it, in certain, whatever the reason, it at least makes since that both these beauties are related.

red spotted purple
We are also raising red spotted purples, as I witnessed one oviposting (laying an egg) and now that I know what to look for, I've been collecting for the last few weeks.  I am having a bit of a learning curve and only have one surviving.  The Eastern Black Swallowtails though, are making up for it.  We have lots outside and about 20 inside.  We actually had to go purchase bunches of parsley to get us through this brood.

red spotted purple caterpillar on wild cherry
eastern black swallowtail caterpillar on bronze fennel
And lots and lots of moths...yes don't forget to check under your porch light at night.  I also catch them super early in the morning whilst their wings are still dewy.

isabella tiger
  • National Moth Week is coming up - July 21-29, 2018
  • Grow Curious, a wonderful new book by Gayla Trail, has many gardening activities but there is one in particular with observing moths at night.
  • A lot of these butterflies and moths were identified thru a new app that I'm quickly falling in love with: Leps
  • Lastly, I'm a big yoga advocate and my go to girl for home practice is Yoga with Adriene...this week she released a free practice just for gardeners...namaste!