Welcome to Happinest...

I'm thrilled to share a bit of our corner of the world!  Our family lives on approximately 7 acres that has been in my family for 5 generations (originally my great-grandparents were dairy farmers).  The cows long gone and a forest grown, it's home to us, two curious toddler twins, a menagerie of pets, and an ever surprising cast of flora and fauna (care to meet a bobcat for breakfast?)

The heart of our Farmette is raising and releasing native butterflies.  We continually add more host and nectar producing plants each year; come late summer, if our butterflies were any other insect - they'd be considered an infestation.  Yes, my children laugh and run with a bevy of butterflies circling them, as if this is a normal everyday occurrence.  Well, we would at least like to try and make it so in this world.

We hope you'll follow along and connect with us through this blog.  You'll also find I'm no stranger to blogging as I've maintained a blog for my handmade goods and vintage items, Cottage Nest and can be found to blog at my brick and mortar, Nest Interiors in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  You can, in addition, visit our Monarch Waystation in our butterfly garden, right outside Nest Interiors.  I'm proud to say we were the 1st Monarch Waystation in our town, and I hold educational talks, butterfly releases and plant sales benefiting our work.

Wishing you all the Happinest!