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New Series: Start Where You Are...

Do you remember the first thing you grew?  Your first plant??  I really can't either.  But I can imagine, what it might be like, a lemming staring at the end of a cliff.  I thought all of this as I stood in the Target Dollar Spot looking at their selection of $1 seeds around Valentine's Day
I wondered...would they even grow?  I argued...they're just a dollar!  So, what would happen if you had no gardening experience and this was the first tug towards the slippery slope of a plant led life?  I bought the seeds.

Upon opening the boxes, I was impressed that each seed was fully labeled and now "Googlable."  I also, researched Buzzy seeds and they have a nice, informative Insta account.  So, for a selection of "Rosa Chinensis" came with about 3 seeds and the Alpine Strawberry gave me a tiny bit more.  A pot and potting medium was included with each, but this is where I went rogue.  I make my own seed starting mix and everyone gets a start under a…

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