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Spring Bug Review

Summer is almost officially here with the Solstice just days away.  I thought I'd take this time and review our butterfly (and moth) raising efforts, so far!  April brought Yellow Bear Caterpillars which became Isabella Tiger Moths.  They ate nearly everything in our yard, so it was easy to find them a nice balanced meal.

My mother gifted us a couple monarch caterpillars and we released one boy and one girl; these were our first Spring Migration releases.  And luckily it was only two because I'm still building up our milkweed reserves for Fall where we can get over 200 eggs easily!

Early in the season we had two Giant Swallowtail butterflies; I lost a citrus tree two winters ago and I'm surprised how much it affected our population.  This season I added the herb, Rue to counteract it quickly, its still small tho.

The biggest excitement was trying to figure out a few caterpillars I found on the False Nettle...were they Question Marks or Red Admirals?  It turned out both!  3 Q…

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